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  • More Revenue, More Efficiency... Enjoy medical billing service with less hassles and headache with MPMR!

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    With over three decades of experience, Medical Practice Management Resources, one of the top medical billing companies in the United States, takes care of all your medical billing needs and the time-consuming and complex responsibilities involved in it. From claim submission, follow-up and denial management to payment posting, our focus is to get you paid accurately, on-time in an efficient manner. Medical Practice Management Resources combines consultancy and financial expertise to deliver consistent value to our clients. As a medical billing company, we ensure all claim submissions are accurate before submitting them to maximize revenue and minimize denials.

    Medical PMR, Medical Billing Company’s Revenue Enhancement Services ensure you do not have to worry about the burden of pricing, coding, medical billing and other administrative aspects. Our specialists enable you to focus more on patient care while we provide you with the responsive, elite service you need. Using our state-of-the-art Practice Management and Revenue Enhancement services, our team of expert billers help –

    • more claims go through on first pass to increase revenues

    • denial management to reduce denials and improve revenues

    • manage outstanding claims to generate more revenues

    • handle back office operations

    • you have access to all the information about your practice, right at your fingertips anytime

    With one of the top medical billing companies, Medical Practice Management Resources, you can not only maximize revenue but also treat more patients which equals a growing practice for you.



    MPMR assists physicians and ambulatory facilities in managing all aspects of financial, administrative, clinical, and operational practice functions.

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    Why MPMR

    There are many reasons why you should choose MPMR - Expertise, Superior Service, US Based, Superior Practice Management, Premium Online Access & MORE.

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    First Rate Practice & Facility Services:

    • Medical Billing
    • Contracts & Credentialing
    • Operations Management
    • Marketing

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    Contact MPMR to find out how the nation's leading physician and facility medical billing and practice management company can help improve your bottom line!

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  • Why Work With MPMR?

    Medical Practice Management Resources is an innovative, expert medical practice consulting firm. We employ experts in all aspects of medical practice management along with ambulatory surgery and physician billing. The additional access to strategic resources enables us to help clients improve profits and maintain patient satisfaction.

    While most revenue management companies only focus on submitting claims and tracking reimbursement, MPMR looks at your ENTIRE operation. This includes patient flow, efficiencies, contracts, marketing and more to maximize your practice potential.

    Medical Billing

    Using state-of-the art computer software interface solutions and electronic claims processing, MPMR offers a billing and collections service that gives you an increased profit margin. The firm offers certified coders who are experts in analyzing your claims. With a nationwide footprint and decades of success, MPMR offers complete revenue management expertise that is unmatched.

    MPMR will analyze your practice or facility’s current efforts, find areas of concern, and implement better options along with your input. That way, you will receive the transparency necessary to understand EXACTLY how MPMR is transforming your revenue to new heights.

    Operations Management

    MPMR offers Customized Month End Reports, Profit Market Analysis, Medical Office Personnel Training, Coding Assistance, Computer Set-up and Training. On a steady basis, MPMR provides highly skilled, continued Revenue Management Support, Patient Flow Management, Policies and Procedures Assistance, along with AR Planning and Management.

    If you need reports more often or a specific KPI tracked, MPMR will implement. The goal is to increase efficiencies and help each client maintain the proverbial “finger on the pulse” of the practice.

    Contracts & Credentialing

    Our expert medical contracting and credentialing personnel have an established track record when it comes to contract review and negotiations, credentialing applications, and practice management consulting. With a nationwide footprint, our experience will be invaluable for your practice or ambulatory surgery center.

    You may not realize your contracts are well below the national or regional average. MPMR has nationwide clients and understands what you should be receiving. We can help!


    MPRP works closes with each of our valued clients to effectively market the healthcare facility and doctors who work there. This may involve help with establishing referral patterns, marketing collateral, web design and SEO.

    One of the best ways to insure a healthy bottom line is to increase the number of patients being seen. And then to maximize the ROI of those new patients. MPMR offers an A to Z approach.

  • Testimonials

    I have had the pleasure of working with Janet Knobloch and the administrative staff of MPMR, Inc. for approximately fifteen years. As a physician, it is reassuring to know that Janet Knobloch and the staff of MPMR is the place to go to obtain up to date and accurate information. The quality of their work is outstanding. Our association has been long, mutual, strong, and one that I trust will continue for many more years.
    Ardalan Babaknia, PhD, M. D
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